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Gum Grafting

Young woman smilingIf you currently have gum disease or have had it in the past, you may have recessive gums. Recessive gums can not only cause health issues that can exacerbate or increase your risk for gum disease, but they can also affect your smile. Gum grafting is a quick and easy way to repair recessive gums. If you are interested in how gum grafting can rejuvenate the health and aesthetics of your smile, Rolling Plains Dentistry can help.

How Can Gum Grafting Benefit You?

Severely recessed gums are a common symptom of gingivitis and gum disease. If you notice that your teeth look longer than they used to, then you may have recessed gums. Uneven gums can also make teeth look misshapen and misaligned, even if they are not. Recessed gums also have a health impact. They can make it easier for bacteria to gather on your teeth, spreading infection and decay that can eventually reach your bones and cause resorption. By adding new tissue, gum grafting can prevent these problems and straighten out uneven gums.

Different Gum Grafting Procedures

Gum grafting describes three types of procedures. Usually, gum grafting refers to a connective-tissue graft. When the root of a tooth is exposed, perhaps because bacteria caused by gum disease have eaten holes through to the root, a connective-tissue graft can cover the root using tissue harvested from beneath the top layer of your mouth. Alternatively, we may simply take tissue from the top layer, a process referred to as a free gingival graft. If you have plenty of soft tissue around the tooth with the exposed root, we may perform what is called a pedicle graft. This takes some of the excess tissue, known as the pedicle, and pulls it over the root.

What You Can Expect During Gum Grafting

Usually, a gum grafting treatment is no more than 90 minutes. You will receive a dose of local anesthesia to numb any discomfort. After that, the exact details of the treatment will depend on what type of graft you are receiving. Afterwards you will likely need a ride home, but you will be able to leave our office right away.

Recovering After Gum Grafting

After every treatment we give personalized tips to help you recover in no time. It never hurts to have an idea of what to expect though, so before you come in for a gum grafting we recommend making a quick trip to the grocery store for soft foods like eggs, ice cream, and yogurt. It takes up to a couple of weeks for a graft to fully heal, but you can often resume eating your normal diet sooner than that. To keep your graft clean and healthy, we may provide or recommend an antimicrobial mouthwash.

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At Rolling Plains Dentistry, our periodontists love talking about gums, so if you have questions about gum grafting or any other gum treatment or condition, we want to hear from you! Call us at 940-663-5353 to find out more.
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