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Dentistry for Kids

Adorable and young Black girl sitting in a dental chair and smiling at her older white dentist and white dental assistantWelcome to our pediatric dentistry practice, where we specialize in providing comprehensive oral care for children of all ages. At , we understand the importance of fostering positive dental experiences from a young age to promote a lifetime of healthy smiles. Our team is dedicated to creating a warm, welcoming environment where children feel comfortable and confident during their dental visits. From preventive care to specialized treatments, we are here to support your child's oral health journey every step of the way.

Dentistry for Kids Focuses on Preventive Care

One of the cornerstones of modern dentistry is preventing disease. This is why so much emphasis is placed on check-ups, so that any problems are detected early, and can be dealt with by minimal treatments, rather than waiting for the problem to become bigger when more complex interventions are often required. We will explain to your child the need for maintaining oral health and preventing disease, and how they can develop healthy habits that will help them keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

We Offer a Child Friendly Environment

Our children's dentists use equipment designed specifically for children, and we use comforting verbiage in explaining what our cleaning tools are used for, so as not to make kids anxious. We offer activities to distract your child while they are waiting for their appointment, including toys, games, books, and more.

Our office caters to children by having kid-friendly furniture and is decorated with murals and bright, primary colors. The emphasis is on fun - and as children are different from adults, why shouldn't they be given special attention?

Monitoring the Health of Baby Teeth is Important

Just as in adults, children's teeth need regular care and maintenance. Unfortunately, many parents do not see that their child's baby teeth are important, as they figure they will just fall out anyway. However, that couldn't be farther from the truth as children's baby teeth are placeholders for adult teeth. If they fall out prematurely, the other teeth may fill the gaps, which means the adult teeth will emerge crooked.

Thus, as soon as your child's first tooth comes through, you should embark on their dental care routine, with regular teeth cleaning and visits to a pediatric dentist who can monitor your child's development carefully.

Our Pediatric Dentists Are Specialists

Pediatric dentists are specialists who only work with children. Rolling Plains Dentistry have dentists trained in the oral healthcare needs of children. They offer care for your child from the eruption of their first tooth to the removal of braces when they are a teenager and are used to dealing with any behavioral problems with patience, understanding, and expertise. Contact our office today at 940-663-5353 to get your child set up and scheduled for their first visit to the dentist!

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