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Dental Crown

Close up 3D rendering of a dental crown being placed on a shaved down toothDental crowns can offer both a restorative and a cosmetic solution for the patient. Any tooth that has vulnerabilities and potential weakness in its structure can be reinforced and offered protection against further damage with the use of a dental crown. This is quite often the case with teeth that have undergone a root canal therapy procedure, or those that are cracked and chipped.

Dental crowns can be crafted in any aesthetically pleasing size and shape. They can also be color-matched with surrounding natural teeth. The versatility of dental crowns is what makes them a popular cosmetic solution for patients who meet with our dentist at Rolling Plains Dentistry.

What is a Crown?

A dental crown is a cap that is custom-crafted to slip over your tooth. When your crown is placed, it will fit easily over the tooth. The dental crown will offer protection to vulnerable and damaged teeth, to restore functionality and aesthetics.

The technology that is used to craft dental crowns assures that they are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Crowns can be color and size matched with the highest levels of precision. They are a popular option for transforming a smile.

The Crown Process

Generally speaking, it takes just two office visits to complete the crown process when it is placed atop a natural tooth. The crown process can differ somewhat when it comes to placement on a dental implant.

At the first appointment, the natural tooth will need to be prepared in order to ensure a seamless fit when the crown is slipped in place. In some cases, a small amount of the tooth will need to be reshaped by our dentist prior to the crown fitting. The next step during that first appointment will include taking impressions, to further ensure a seamless and natural-looking fit.

These impressions will be sent to the laboratory that will craft the crown. A temporary crown will be placed upon the prepared tooth in order to protect it while waiting for the permanent crown. Generally speaking, it can take up to two weeks for the permanent crown to be ready.

When the crown is ready, you will return for a second appointment. At this appointment, our dentist will place the crown atop the prepared tooth after the temporary crown has been removed. Some patients may need to have minor adjustments to the fit. Once the crown is in place and looks natural, it will be bonded permanently onto your tooth.

Life with Dental Crowns

Dental crowns do offer protection for the natural tooth, but they can also sustain damage. In addition, your natural tooth that is being protected beneath the crown can still suffer from decay, in some situations.

While you should not need to alter your life and lifestyle significantly when you have crowns, there are still some steps that you can take to protect the crown and your natural teeth. Crowns are designed to withstand your bite force, but they can be at risk of damage if you bite down on ice or hard foods, or chew pencils, as an example.

Ensure that you are brushing and flossing your teeth after each meal, to keep your teeth healthy between appointments. Be sure to see your general dentist for your routine checkups. Call Rolling Plains Dentistry at 940-663-5353 to schedule a consultation for the cosmetic solution that will best meet your aesthetic needs.
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